Important LinkedIn Tips for B2B Marketing

I really like some things about LinkedIn. It has always tended toward the service oriented professional, in my opinion, but it has plenty to like in the brand asset optimization world that all businesses live in as well. My advice for most business owners is to find a social network or platform that seems most suited to your business objectives and dive in pretty deep, focusing more casual attention on the others, at least initially. Going hard and deep into one network, like LinkedIn, is the only way to gain the momentum delivered by consistent work and engagement.linkedin tips

So, when it comes to LinkedIn, here are six tips to get your profile set. Your profile is a great brand asset so don’t waste it. Make it informative and optimized for search.

  1. Add a photo: Nothing says nobody’s home faster than the default icon.
  2. Get the branded URL: Something like this is what you want in/ducttapemarketing—it’s something you pick during editing.
  3. Use links with Anchor text: Link to your blog, products, workshops, etc., through the “other” tab and you can add anchor text for the link.
  4. Be descriptive: Use the “Summary” to tell your story in a compelling way and add lots of keywords in the “specialty” section.
  5. Keep it active: LinkedIn has a status update feature, much like Facebook and Twitter that you should update routinely.
  6. Link to it: Put links to your profile in your email signature and other online pages. Optimization is a two-way street.

LinkedIn is one of the leading social sites where B2B marketers went and get their leads. This is because they can catch up with a good source of business owners available right away to answer replies and queries for any proposals. B2B marketing should not be limited to telemarketing and phone lines, it can be as well executed through online data profiling of real business personas.

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